What do you like most about math?
What do you think is most frustrating about math?
Seungmin Kim
8/22/2011 08:56:04 am

What I best like about Math is that it requires you to think. Also Math is required to in alnost every job. What fustrates me about Math is that there is a lot that don't make sense to me like integers.

Brendan Pegg
8/22/2011 09:21:10 am

What I like about math is that it is my favorite subject.It is not always easy, and most times fun. What makes me frusterated is that you think an answer is correct and you checked to see if it is correct about one hundred times and it turns out that it is wrong. I think that is more of a brain problem than something that someone gets frusterated about every single time you do a math problem.

Jyoti Luu
8/22/2011 09:33:43 am

I like math because its fun and most of the time its super easy. Questions require you to use your brain and a lot of the time it only takes you 30 seconds and you can accomplish a lot.There's always more to learn and different things like algebra, exponents, equations... ( By the way maths my favorite subject! ) I get extremely frustrated with math for questions with weird phrases. And I get so frustrated because they don't make sense!

Cameron Taylor
8/22/2011 10:07:46 am

I like math because it is my favorite subject, also because i can use to take my mind off things; it keeps me busy and concentraded. what is frustrating is, being in an advanced class i have a harder time learning the material, which frustrates me.

Madison Winn
8/22/2011 12:39:06 pm

I like math because it challenges you and makes you think. It makes you look at things more closely. It also makes you look at things in new or in different ways. Math is my favorite subject, and always keeps me thinking. I also like math because you use it alot, in the future, now, and in most jobs. What is frustrating about math is that sometimes the problems have different wording than what I'm used to so it requires you to think alot more of what it really means. What is also frustrating is when you think an answer is right then you check it and get it wrong and wrong again and again. Whenever you have long word problems and long number sentences and you get something wrong you have to go back to that spot and do your work all over again and figure it out until you get it right.

8/23/2011 07:53:02 am

I like math because sometimes it is hard, and it seem at school everything is so easy. What frustrates me about math is sometimes a teacher will call the class an accelerated class when your are repeating things and learning the same thing as the regular class just more homework.

Stefani Barre
8/23/2011 08:24:55 am

My favorite thing about math is that once you learn something you can easily remember it because lots of things in math are built off of each other. Also I like math because it helps prepare you for the future because so many jobs have math in them. Also you have to use math everyday so once you learn it you can actually use it in your everyday life. What I find frustrating is when there are word problems that have weird wording so I get them wrong because I didn't understand what the question was asking.

sierra obermoeller-gilmer
8/23/2011 01:04:38 pm

i like math because, oviously, its fun and because it can be a challenge. math also is used daily and is needed in many careers so being good with math opens you to a wide variety of careers. what frusterates me is when there are word problems with wierd or confusing wording and trick questions....Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas. ~Albert Einstein

Walker Otte
8/24/2011 08:04:17 am

I like math beacause i think it is cool and can be fun at times. what i think is frusterating in math is being accelerated, beacuse we go faster in our lessons than most of the kids.

Natalie Bennett
8/24/2011 08:09:34 am

I like math, because it's helps me challenge myself to be the best I can be. Math frustrates me, because there are so many things to remember, and if you aren't paying attention for just one second you miss something important. So basically I miss a lot of stuff.

Cameron Carr
8/24/2011 10:25:52 am

I like math because it's fun and it helps with almost everything else in life. I think the most frustrating thing about math is nothing. I think math is fun and relatively easy.

Alex B
8/25/2011 07:14:05 am

In math, I like how there is always new things to discover and learn. The most frustrating thing about math is how you can know how to do a problem and take your time on it and think you do a good job, and end up getting it completely wrong because of a silly mistake.

Reed Hanson
8/25/2011 07:30:33 am

The thing I like most about math is addition. The thing I'm frustrated about is calculus

Juliana Rodriguez
8/25/2011 08:00:23 am

What I like about math is fractions and long division. what frustrates me about math are decimals and time

Marisa Thompson
8/25/2011 10:43:20 am

What I like about math is fractions, negatives and positives, and long divison. What frustates me about math is time and how one little mistake can mess the whole problem up.

Laura Ortega
8/25/2011 12:59:17 pm

What I like about math is that its challenging, making you think. It keeps you focused and concentrated. it makes you look at things in a whole lot of ways. What is frustrating about math is when a question is written differently than I am used to, so it makes it harder to understand what the question is asking for.

Justin Elizondo
8/25/2011 05:32:13 pm

What I like about math is that it make you think all the time not like history where you doze off reading that big textbook; also because you do alot more activities than your other classes. What frustrates or angers me is that sometimes we have to wait on people who don't understand the worksheet or the homework like if it's online or in the textbook.

kate wilson
8/27/2011 02:05:46 am

I like math because of the challenges and the projects. we discuss more about harder and even easier things. What frustrating for me in math is not understanding a question or problem, but i try anyways.

Justin Rusthoven
9/5/2011 08:53:22 am

I like the rules for multiplying integers. The most frustrating thing about math for me is showing work. I know that I need to do it.


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